Exploring Englishness by Vivienne Endecott

Exploring Englishness takes the reader on a journey through the historical and geographical landscapes of England, to discover for themselves the nature of Englishness. It takes the form of an Arthurian Quest with things to see and do, places to visit and people to meet. Underlying the quest is an understanding that Englishness changes over time, and that it isn’t about reaching the destination so much as embarking on the journey to start with that is important.

Exploring Englishness is about belonging and engagement

Each chapter, or theme, is about exploring a landscape, whether deep countryside or inner city. There are some specific things to do, or “minute particulars” as William Blake would have it. Readers are also encouraged to choose where to go for themselves, because most activities can be done within 10 miles of where they live.

  • Each theme is lavishly illustrated by paintings from the National Collection, including Constable, Lowry and Turner
  • Many of the nation’s best loved poems are included, such as ‘Adlestrop’, ‘The Glory of the Garden’, ‘If’ and ‘Invictus’.

Exploring Englishness is a timely and ideal book for new citizens, young adults and anyone interested in England and the English.

Quote & Review

“It was a real pleasure to dip repeatedly at random into the pages of this affectionate celebration of Englishness. Aspects of history, the English obsession with gardening, and England’s island and maritime character are woven seamlessly with pooh sticks and the origins of Croquet. I never knew before that the famous Jaques company that make croquet sets originated from London, after England had provided political asylum to the Huguenots. Everyone will find their own favourite aspects of Englishness - discover and enjoy!”
- Adrian Fisher

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Exploring Englishness book has a unique double front and back cover printing
Readers can choose their preferred front cover; the garden path OR Birmingham New Street Station

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